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iWoodStore Gift Guide

by Oleksandr Holovin on Oct 09, 2022

iWoodStore Gift Guide

This Christmas, break from traditional gift giving and choose a high quality and innovative handcrafted wooden gift that makes a real impact. Opt for an inspired wooden gift for Christmas, and surprise and delight your loved ones. All iWoodStore premium products are made from beautiful, genuine solid wood with all its imperfections, which creates unique and individual pieces of furniture. Plus, all of our pieces are finished with ecological oils and waxes that enhance the look of each product to make them stand out as true works of art.


Go trendy and eco-friendly with a wonderfully organic, out-of-the-box family gift from wood. The pleasing design is perfect for displaying in a high traffic location in the home, where all family members can easily access it. Not only is the wooden MagSafe charging stand a stunning example of craftsmanship and functional contemporary technology, it’s also a fabulously unique sculptured form.

Apple MagSafe wooden stand for iPhone


The modern gadget lover who has everything will appreciate a sleek and stylish docking station that takes care of his or hers vital daily charging needs. The MagSafe iPhone and Apple Watch charger station flaunts a minimalist geometric design that shows off the versatility and beauty of natural solid walnut or birch wood. The understated dock is compatible with almost any version of MagSafe and Apple Watch chargers.

Apple MagSafe and Apple Watch wooden stand


As new music and gaming devices continue to block our eyes and ears, we need a way to recharge them. The Headphone Stand will raise the quality of your listening experience by displaying your headphones as a stunning art object - while also protecting them from minor damage caused by everyday use. It's the perfect gift for both audiophiles and gamers!

Headphone stand for desk


You may not be able to upgrade your entire workspace, but you can still give it a boost with this innovative docking system. Made of solid wood, the vertical laptop stand is beautifully made and offers the ultimate in laptop protection. The grooves on the surface also prevent scratches, while featuring a modern look that will blend seamlessly into your office space.

vertical laptop stand for desk


For anyone looking for alternative gifts for interesting occasions, it’s worth remembering that wonderful organic wood is the traditional gift that’s given to mark a 5th wedding anniversary. We have a coordinating pair of unique wooden AirPods cases which protect this smart device from bumps and drops, whilst being ultra slim and lightweight solid walnut or cherry wood.

wooden airpods pro cases