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Best Wooden Gift Ideas For Tech Geeks

Best Wooden Gift Ideas For Tech Geeks - iWoodStore

Everybody knows a person who is a huge tech fan, but has "seen it all". Save the day with our eco-friendly tech gifts and save yourself from bewildered wanderings! Our all-time bestsellers are presented in one universal gift guide. Here you will find products that blend unmatchable style, fashion, and the latest in technology.

Discover the best gift ideas for tech geeks at iWoodStore. Featuring fun and functional, trendy wooden gadgets like our wooden laptop accessories and stylish wooden eco-friendly products that are sure to put a smile on your loved ones' faces - while also supporting a clean environment!

Best Wooden Gift Ideas For Tech Geeks

We’re not just in the business of selling iPhone cases made from solid wood. We work to create a whole new category of products for tech geeks that speak to people from all walks of life. Moreover, our eco-friendly products are made from high-quality natural materials: solid oak and walnut wood, merino wool felt, and Portuguese cork.

Our wooden gadgets are the perfect personal, eco friendly gift for every tech geek. Every item is fully unique: wood is a natural material, so every wooden gadget may slightly differ in color, texture, and the arrangement of the wood grains. That's why these original products make a perfect, personal eco friendly gift.

Perfect Gift for Music Lover

Headphone Stand for AirMax Music Lover Gift

Wooden Headphone Stand

This unique headphone stand is perfect for any age. Made from solid oak or walnut wood, this vintage style headphone stand will hold your headphones in style and in comfort. You can take pride in knowing that you have the eco-friendly choice to make with this stylish design. The headphone stand is universal in size, meaning it can hold headphones of any style or size - and you'll be proud to have this one on display as a conversation piece.

Gift for Home Office Worker

Wooden monitor stand for Desk

Wooden Monitor Stand for Desk

This beautifully crafted wooden monitor stand is perfect for any home office or work desk. It not only looks incredible, but it raises your computer to eye level and reduces eye and neck strain all at once by putting you in a more ergonomic posture. You can use the underside for storing your keyboard, pens, or other important things within arms reach. This stand is created from solid wood with open pores and finished with natural oils to really bring out the beauty of the wood grain. If you are looking for a truly unique gift that says you care about helping people's health, this eco friendly monitor stand is it!

Gamers Gift for Desk Setup

Keyboard wrist rest support

Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest Support

The keyboard is a very important tool for gamers, so you will need to take care of it and improve your gaming experience. Take a look at this amazing wooden keyboard accessories made of high quality walnut wood. If you have an ergonomic desk setup, then this would be a perfect addition to your gaming station.

Unique Gift for All Tech Geeks

Wooden Apple iPhone and Apple Watch charging station

Wooden Charging Dock for MagSafe and Apple Watch

Finally, a charging dock that you can be proud of! Wonderfully-crafted from natural wood, our charging docks will be an excellent addition to your home or office. And if you are looking for an eco-conscious gift, you'll love the fact that these chargers are produced using sustainable materials and methods. Our charging docks come in many sizes and styles - cherry, walnut, mahogany and more - with multiple holes for varied devices and purposes.

If you're looking for a unique, stylish and eco friendly gift for your gamer friends then you've come to the right place. We have a wide range of wooden accessories for your desk. Browse our collection below and be sure to check out all of our other stylish eco-friendly gifts to meet your complete style needs.

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