Volvo car key case

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Wooden car key case for Volvo models Volvo XC90 V90 S90 XC60 V60 S60 XC40 Polestar1 Polestar2 with car key wristlet. Manufactured in Black Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Padouk and Walnut.

- Volvo key cover made from genuine wood
- 100% Handmade
- High quality texture
- This cover is replacement shell for Volvo key
- Comes with small key wristlet and replacement tools
- Please check with your car key before purchasing

This product is handmade and made of 100% wood. If the surface is dry or scratched, you can put walnut oil or wood wax evenly on the surface of the key shell with cotton swabs, then wait for one night or even few days till the oil is completely absorbed in the wood, finally polish the wood key shell with a cloth. Oil and polish the key shell regularly can prevent the wood from cracking because of dryness.
Attention: as this shell is 100% made of wood, it does not like water, fire and chemicals. Please don’t wash or clean it with wet cloth, don’t approach the fire source or put it under sun exposure. Regular oil and polish will extend the life of the key shell. You have to remove the original cover of your volvo car key in order for this one to be installed. It's not intended to fit around your existing key's shell - it's designed to replace it.

🌳 Natural Wood with smooth semi-clear surface finishing.
⌚️ Clean, modern design. Actual pattern, color and weight varies by wood.
♻️ Eco-friendly, made from high quality hardwood.
👌 Each case has its own unique and beautiful wood grain.