Wooden Skin for MacBook

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We produce high quality eco-friendly wood covers for MacBook. Each cover is unique.
Feel the pleasant structure and the smell of wood in your hand. Be Closer to the Nature. All covers come as one thin slice of wood which are glued with double-sided tape on the top or bottom surface of the laptop. Special double-sided tape 3M securely bonds the surface of the laptop with the wooden cover.

- Unique wooden MacBook cover
- Perfect fit for your MacBook Pro
- With 1mm super slim & adds no bulk
- Lightweight design concept (just 40g light)
- Strong & longlasting 3M adhesive
- Removable without any residues
- Puristic, form-fitted Apple Logo
- Protects from scratches & dust

* This skins are removable, they are meant to be a one-time use product and are not reusable once applied. If you want to remove the cover you need to peel off the wooden surface with your hands and wipe the surface from glue residue with a wet cloth. And your laptop will look like before.