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Fuji X100VI Grip Handle Review: The Best Wooden Grip For X100V Series Cameras

Fuji X100VI is an exclusive mirrorless camera released by Fujifilm for passionate photographers. The device flaunts a sensor-powered quality of shooting standard and provides 4K video quality at 30 frames per second. Making it a perfect choice for professional photographers and creatives.

However, the ergonomics of this compact camera can always be better. Many users appreciate the handling of having a wooden grip that not only adds class to the camera but also improves the overall user experience.

Robust Aesthetics of Fuji X100VI Grip

MS Design launched an innovative wooden hand grip for the Fuji X100VI, transforming the element of convenience into both artistry and practicality. Boasting a sophisticated design that leverages quality craftsmanship and engineering mastery, the product is a promising value addition to photographers.

Developed with solid wood, which is masterfully finished to emphasize the natural integrity and warmth that wooden materials are uniquely known for. Every individual grip emanates an unmissable charm that makes your Fuji X100VI more than just a camera but your aspiration.

Design Consistency In Style & Comfort

Constructed to prioritize the comfort of photographers, the base of the grip is made from series 6 aluminum alloy - a material known for its blend of lightness and strength. Featuring a silicone gasket on the surface that assures the photographer a stable experience in varied circumstances of shooting.

Designed for accessibility, the Fuji X100VI Grip showcases its thoughtful elements with a battery compartment opening that allows the user to change batteries without the necessity of taking off the grip.

The grip is also equipped with an opening at the underside along with an easy-to-use quick-release slot for tripods and memory cards. Weighing just 60 grams, the grip offers a solid feel without compromising the camera's lightness, thereby enhancing the photographers' experience. Additionally, the grip features an angled base, ensuring no fatigue is passed to the hands during prolonged usage.

Refine Your Photography With Fuji X100VI Grip

Ultimately, the Fuji X100VI grip is a statement accessory. It's crafted for photographers who value the art of quality craftsmanship and prefer to blend traditional arts with contemporary styling.

It's an ideal gift that presents meticulous attention to detail and fuses it with cutting-edge function. The Fuji X100VI grip is the perfect companion and statement piece for your Fujifilm X100VI camera.


  • Product Size: 128 x 75 x 55 mm
  • Product Weight: 60g
  • Material: Real wood, CNC Aluminium
  • Finishing: Natural oil

Note: Kindly remember that as each item is hand-made with different pieces of wood, the actual product may vary slightly from the one shown in the image.

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